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More meatless recipes: Fried Green Tomatoes & Fried Tomatillos

In our effort to make at least one vegetarian or meatless dish per week consider this post part of an on-going series I’m going to call “Meatless Thursday.” If you’ve got to set a day of the week, Thursday’s as … Continue reading

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Meatless Thursday- All about Portabella Mushrooms

King of Mushrooms If you haven’t tried Portabella Mushrooms, now is is the time.  Forget about the small, ordinary white and brown button mushrooms you find at your local grocery stores, they lack the flavor and character of the large … Continue reading

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Got Garlic? Try this 40 clove-Garlic Chicken Recipe

The Secret is Roasting the Garlic In my part of the world, the Gilroy Garlic Festival is coming to town this week!  For those of you obsessed with garlic, here is one of my favorite recipes that actually calls for … Continue reading

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No more hamburger helper!

For a quick two-pot weeknight meal: Ground Sausage, Pasta & seasonal vegetables   This is a pretty easy little dish to prepare, made mostly from items you may already have in your fridge and pantry.  There’s no need to buy … Continue reading

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What’s For Dinner? Try an Asian Noodle Salad with grilled Beef

An overlooked cut of beef that I love is Skirt Steak.  Although it comes from the same area of the cow as Flank Steak it is a different cut. If you see it prepackaged it is often mislabeled as Flank … Continue reading

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