Since moving to Bangkok in July, my husband and I have enjoyed trying all sorts of new and exciting culinary adventures. One of our favorite activities has been visiting top-rated rooftop bars (also called sky bars) in the area, starting with the top 20 detailed by Last week I shared three rooftop bars we visited in August. Here are two more we tried in September, along with a bonus rooftop bar in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

#3: Octave Rooftop Bar and Lounge


Listed as third on’s list of top 20 rooftop bars, Octave Rooftop Bar and Lounge is located in the Marriott Hotel on Sukhumvit and Soi 57, just a short 5 stop BTS ride. The lounge is located on multiple floors; we had our drinks and food on floor 45 and then went to the top, the 48th floor, for the amazing views. Of all the sky bars we have visited so far, I liked the atmosphere here the best!

We had the Chandon Sparkling wine, which wasn’t from California or France, but from Australia! It seems Chandon has spread its roots. We thought the corn fritters were excellent and the shrimp was very good once we added a squeeze of lime juice, too.

We were also glad the rain held off until later in the evening when we were safely in a restaurant at Terminal 21!

#7: Cloud 47 Rooftop Bar


Cloud 47 has one of the best views of what will soon be the highest building in Bangkok, I believe 89 floors; it’s located on top of the United Center office tower.

Cloud 47 is a very big and open bar. The calamari was delicious, the pate was a bit disappointing, and the drinks were good and reasonably priced for a sky bar. The ambiance was great, too. My husband loved the sign hanging on the railing and the light tone that was constantly changing so you had to time a shot to get the color you want!

After we enjoyed our drinks and appetizers, we went searching for a less expensive dinner option nearby and found The Blue Elephant restaurant a block or two away.

Bonus Rooftop Bar! Kuala Lumpur #1: Marini’s on 57, KLCC


This was my first opportunity to visit Malaysia and without question, The Twin Towers is the place to see. Unfortunately for us, the views were not good because of the recent smoke or haze from the Indonesian fires. We’ll definitely have to return another time when it is a clear day. Here are the views we missed.

Just as in Bangkok, rooftop bars (or sky bars) are prevalent in Kuala Lumpur’s downtown area. Here, there are 10 that made the “must see” list.

Marini’s on 57 is located right next to the famous Petronas Towers. Unfortunately the view was significantly limited because of the haze caused by fires in Indonesia; the tower shot came out because they are so close and brightly lit.

The list of signature cocktails at Marini’s is the most unique I’ve seen. I tried a Scottish Martini- I didn’t even know I liked Scotch until now! It sounded so interesting, I just had to try it: Earl Grey tea infused Scotch and tamarind syrup (a unique taste with sweet and sour notes), lemon juice and egg white foam.


Along with our drinks we enjoyed delicious soft shell crab. There is only a small outdoor seating area and, because of the haze, we really didn’t want to sit out there, so we enjoyed our food and drink inside, right next to the window.

Curious what other culinary adventures I’ve been having in Bangkok? Stay tuned for my next post!

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