I’ve been officially living in Bangkok, Thailand since July 2015; it is a city of 8 million with no shortage of places to eat and drink, especially in Central Bangkok, where we now call home. Once we saw an article in the Bangkok Post highlighting the top 20 rooftop bars, or sky bars, as they are called here, we decided to make it our mission to visit all of them on our date nights. In the last 3 months, we’ve visited 5 bars on this list. Here are a few photos from each and our notes on the experiences. Each of these places is unique, showing different views of the sprawling city before you.

About Bangkok

If you’re new to Bangkok or visiting for the first time, be forewarned that alcohol is very expensive here. Much to our dismay, you can spend as much as 400-600 baht ($11-$16 USD) on one drink, yet you can purchase a whole meal from one of the many local food malls or street vendors for half that price – 300 baht or less (10 USD)!

We found the best time to arrive at one of these rooftop bars is around sunset, 6:00-6:30pm. This ensures you’ll have great views before it’s completely dark and the bars are less crowded; some are smaller than others so you might want to plan ahead. By 8:00-8:30 pm, there could be wall-to wall people and a wait to get inside.

As some of these sky bars are located in upscale hotels, the dress code can vary. Dress wise, usually “anything goes” in Bangkok, but sometimes flip-flops and shorts are not allowed, especially in hotels like So Bangkok and Centra Grand. Don’t be surprised if you are directed to a special or express elevator in the lobby, as you may need to “check-in” before you are escorted to the top floor.

In August, we visited three rooftop bars on the “top 20” list.

#14: The Speakeasy


Located just a few buildings down from our apartment in Bangkok is The Speakeasy. The atmosphere for this rooftop bar is 1920’s Prohibition in the United States, although I’m not sure anyone working there really understands that time in US history! This bar may be on one of the lower floors of all of the rooftop bars we visited, however the view is still outstanding.

Unfortunately we went here on a Buddhist holiday and only ‘mock’ non-alcoholic cocktails were served. Although we found the appetizers disappointing in the bar area, the food served inside the Steakhouse is excellent and not to be missed. It is definitely a great location to meet friends after work in quiet neighborhood just a few blocks off Sukumvit Rd. and The Chit Lom BTS station. The theme is fun and reminded us of New Orleans in the States.

#4: Park Society Rooftop Bar


Park Society Rooftop Bar is located on the busy Rama IV road close to the Lumpini Metro station and a few long blocks from Silom BTS station. It has an excellent view of Lumpini Park, one of the oldest in the City, and offers an elegant restaurant at the main entrance to the rooftop bar.

The food and drink were very good here and the ambiance was wonderful on a beautiful evening the night we went. They also recently offered a special wine-pairing tasting menu highlighting several Michelin star chefs; definitely something to check out if you are foodies like us!

#8: Red Sky Rooftop Bar


One of the newest rooftop bars in Bangkok, Red Sky is located on the 55th floor of Central World, in one of the main shopping districts in Central Bangkok. Be prepared for a lot of walking before you arrive at your intended destination; we had to navigate through the mall before we located the hotel elevator to take us to Red Sky. Maybe there’s an easier way to enter, but we didn’t see it.

At this sky car, the bar area wraps around the perimeter of the building, allowing you a 360 degree view as you walk throughout the seating area. Also, at this particular bar, if you are interested in purchasing a bottle of Mumm champagne you can enjoy it in style on one of their VIP couches with one of the best views in the city. I think this would be especially fun if you had two couples to share in the experience.

As you can tell, we’ve had a fantastic time visiting the top rooftop bars in Bangkok! Stay tuned for next week, where I’ll share more of our highlights.

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