On Tuesday we discussed what bacon fat, or bacon grease, is and how to use it in a recipe. Curious how to make it?

How to Render Bacon Grease

Simply Recipes and Serious Eats both share helpful tips and tricks for rendering your own bacon fat. Here is some of their helpful advice to remember when you’re rendering bacon grease for a recipe:

  • Cut the bacon into small pieces – this exposes more of it to the pan, allowing the fat to melt faster so you don’t burn part of it before the fat has had a chance to melt.
  • Use a heavy-bottomed pot or sauté pan that is big enough you can lay the bacon out in a single layer.
  • If the bacon starts to brown too quickly or the fat starts popping, lower the heat. You want to keep the heat low, and don’t go any higher than medium.
  • If you plan on storing the fat to use later, pour it into a cleaned coffee canister or glass jar (you want to let it cool a little bit before putting it in a glass jar). You can store the bacon grease in the refrigerator for about a month.
  • When you cook with the bacon fat, spoon it out of the jar. You usually don’t need more than half a teaspoon.
  • Do not ever pour excess bacon grease down the sink drain – it will cool and solidify, clogging your pipes. Simply throw it away if you have extra.

Do you have experience rendering bacon fat? What advice would you pass along? Your feedback would be welcomed and appreciated.

What’s Cooking in the Dinner Diva’s Kitchen

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