It’s a “Southern” Thing

Now that my college-age daughter is starting to cook for herself, she’s quite interested in a few of my recipes. Some of my favorite dishes start with adding bacon fat (also known as bacon grease) rather than my usual choice of olive oil or butter. As any southern cook (like my grandmother, my mother and even Paula Deen) and many southern cookbooks will tell you, start with cooking bacon and then, “Discard or set aside the cooked bacon for another use; save the fat.”

When I told her the “secret ingredient” in my wine-braised cabbage she said, “But I hate bacon!” And I said, “Really? You can try making these items without it, but the recipes won’t taste the same. All you need is a few tablespoons of rendered fat, generally starting with 4 pieces of bacon per recipe.” Then she asked, “Can’t I just buy bacon grease? Do I really, really have to buy and cook the bacon?” That’s a fair question. Although I initially said no, one quick Internet search and sure enough, much to my surprise you can get 16 oz. of bacon grease delivered directly your door!

What’s Cooking in the Dinner Diva’s Kitchen

Here is a delicious recipe that uses bacon grease:


Wine-Braised Red Cabbage with Apples and Sausage (get the recipe here).

Check back on Friday for more delicious recipes that use bacon grease!

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