In-Home Meal Preparation

You choose how many meals and how many servings are needed for you Dinner Diva Mary Hathaway Personal Chef San Jose CAand your family. You choose the packaging- individual meals, meals packaged for 2 or “family-style”. The minimum number of servings per meal is two servings. Usually 4 servings per item would be prepared, but if you have a family of 6, then 6 servings would be prepared.

You choose the frequency of service: a one-time service, weekly service, 2x a month, etc. Whatever is prepared on the day of service you would decide how many meals are packaged for refrigerator only (consumption within 7 days) and how many are frozen for later consumption. Glass storage containers are provided at additional charge.


  • 3 sets of meals (4-5 hours of labor) $200.00
  • 4 sets of meals (5-6 hours of labor) $250.00
  • 5 sets of meals (6-8 hours of labor) $300.00

Payment/Terms: Cost of Labor, plus the cost of groceries.

Grocery estimate of $75.00-$150.00 per service, depending on the menu and whether “all organic” meats and vegetables are purchased.

Credit card, check or cash on the day of service.

Please call (408) 242-1520, or email here.